UW Photo Workshop in Critter Wonderland 

March 28 - April 7, 2019


$2630 USD (8 + 2 NIGHTS FREE)

March 28 - April 7, 2019

The Ultimate UW Photographer's Playground

Dumaguete is one of the top dive destinations in the Philippines. Home to a variety of different critters and colorful marine life, this is an underwater photographer's dream!

During the week we will dive into the best dive sites of Dumaguete and Apo Islands, enjoy the diversity that the area has to offer and learn how to capture all of it on camera! The workshop will help you improve your photography skills and get the most out of your own gear! 


First Class Diving Facilities

  • 60 Individual purpose-built equipment storage cubby-holes keep your equipment dry and organized
  • High quality rental equipment
  • Spacious comfortable boats
  • Purpose built training pool
  • Fresh beach towel every day, snacks and drinking water
  • Hot water shower in the dive shop
  • Multiple compressors for Air, Nitrox and Trimix
  • Your equipment carried for you

Camera Facilities

One of the most spacious camera facilities you will find in any dive resort worldwide. There are 21 cubby holes to store equipment.  

Air guns are positioned around the room as well as power sockets, both 220 and 110 volts, and paper towel dispensers. A shelf running the length of the work surface for battery chargers. The camera area is climate controlled and also has a 42 inch HD flat screen TV mounted on the wall with both HDMI and USB connections. 

Guests can show off their photos and video on the big screen at the end of a day’s great diving.


About Atlantis Dumaguete

Atlantis Dumaguete is located in Dauin on Negros Island, the third largest island in the Philippines. This island is believed to have once been part of the island of Mindanao, but was cut off either by continental drift or the rising waters at the end of the ice age.  

Dauin has established several sanctuaries, and just one reason for the stunning marine biodiversity exhibited here within which fishing and boating is absolutely prohibited. This includes sites such as Mainit, Luca, Dauin and Masaplod. These sites are well preserved and offer a huge variety and quantity of life forms; Blue ringed octopus, Wonderpus, Mimic octopus, Poison ocellate octopus, Ambon scorpionfish, Flambouyant cuttlefish, Bobbit worms and a wide variety of Nudibranchs are frequent sights.


Camera Settings  

Camera settings should not be feared! Once you understand how simple it is, you will learn how to control your settings easily and quickly underwater, as well as set everything in advance before the dive to make your life easier while diving.  

Using Strobes and lights  

Strobes are the reason awesome underwater photos are so awesome! The only way to bring back true colors underwater is by introducing artificial lights. You will learn how to use lights properly, where to position them and how to control them underwater.  

Post Processing  

Learn how to master color, sharpness, contrast, clarity, white balance and other essential controls to produce the perfect result! Adobe Lightroom is the most common software but any software you feel comfortable with would work.  

The Art of Composition 

Composition is what turns a good photo into a great photo. Learn about the importance of composition, basic rules and when to break them. Properly composing your shots is a crucial step for any type of photography, including underwater!  

Marine Life Behaviour 

Knowledge is power! By gaining more knowledge about the different species in the ocean, how the interact with divers and how the interact among themselves, will ultimately enable you to "capture the moment" and nail that shot, without getting fish tails and out of focus shots.  

Image Handling 

In the digital age, we are swamped by tens of thousands of photos, blocking our hard drives and overloading our minds. Organizing and backing up your images the right way is essential and can save you loads of time and prevent frustration. Learn how to catalog, back up, label and retrieve your photos without the headache.  


  • 10 - nights accommodation Atlantis Dumaguete (2 nights FREE!!)
  • Unlimited diving.
  • One day trip to Apo Island
  • Full board - All meals.
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Airport transfer
  • Weights, belt, scuba tanks.  
  • $100 USD resort credit that can be used against massage, nitrox etc.
  • Photography workshop.

Meet your trip leader and photo expert

Ran Mor

Ran is the Co-Founder of “Dive and More”. He is an ocean lover, explorer, world traveler, entrepreneur, dive master and a professional underwater photographer  

Thanks to his experience at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, Ran is always up to date with almost every existing camera, housing, strobe or accessory in the market and has personally tested a lot of gear. This accumulated knowledge is invaluable when assisting other aspiring photographers and teaching them about their own gear.

  • ran@diveandmore.com


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